An Introduction

by Kirill Kozlov
 ‘Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be utterly ridiculous than absolutely boring.’ Anon

Pia Jackson is a talented TV Presenter, Actress, Filmmaker, Writer, Producer, Blogger and Voice Over Artist. No, really.

As a Bachelor of Law, Pia uses her expertise, knowledge and intellect not only in her presenting but also to create new and exciting ideas which have seen her  write, direct and produce a short film noir entitled ‘Jack French & Son’ as well as pitching fresh TV formats  to a veritable Dragons Den of entertainment including Phil Edgar-Jones (Sky) Tom Edwards (BBC) Angela Jain (ITV) Dominic Bird (C4) and actual dragon, Theo Paphitis.

With an enormous variety of experience within the factual entertainment  and corporate genres, Pia is a versatile and multi-talented presenter. Her most recent  presenting credits include  training with the Royal Marines, presenting the Chelsea Flower Show, launching Absolutely Magazine in SW London, learning Krav Maga  as well as providing the voice for the Calvin Harris Takeover Show on BBC’s Radio 1. Pia is also an experienced voice-over artist, avid blogger and published author.

With a passion for legal and current affairs, anything vaguely nerdy and an almost unnatural ability to accurately observe and report on the struggles human existence, Pia brings an exciting, unique and comedic performance to camera rarely seen in female presenters.

‘Pia is a professional in every sense. I was very pleased to work with her, an excellent choice.’
Teddy Hayes, director and producer, Hayes Productions.
  1. Adam says:

    An interesting insight into your points of view, Pia. Glad to see you are still stubborn in your own persuit of happiness.
    Fair play to you

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