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‘Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be utterly ridiculous than absolutely boring.’ Anon

Pia Jackson was born to a thundering chorus of ‘Rule Britannia’ and raised by exasperated parents in the vain hope of becoming a God-fearing academic. This, however, was not to be; she is certainly not God-fearing; she fears only in-growing toe-nails, escalators or Disneyland in its entirety and despite being a Bachelor of Law, would consider herself more of a well-read buffoon than an ‘academic.’

With her heart sold to the theatre, television presenting, music and general artistry, Pia is striving to make a living in the (albeit a small one) in at least one of these forms. This chosen road however, is not an easy one and true to her usual form it meanders leisurely in an untidy and unpredictable manner, veering off course at numerous intersections but fueled by passion and sheer, stubborn determination, she will no doubt eventually arrive (in customary disheveled form) at her destination.

Littered with adventure, observations and general clumsiness, her story thus ensues. Pia is grateful for your accompaniment on this journey.